Ullathi in Ooty

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

On Saturday(April 24th_10) morning me and friend got up late in the morning and thought planning to go out to Pyakara falls in Ooty. But we woke up little and Pyakara lake was little long from our place. At last we dropped the plan, then we had our breakfast. After finishing the breakfast, we decided to go for a walk from Steven church(3 km from Ooty). We started walking towards a way(we don't know where does the way goes). On the way we could be see some good cottages buildup in excellent location surrounded by nature. We walked almost for 2 kms and then we find Swiss Merit International School, only rich people can study in this school. People from the school were walking along the nature. We wondered that we haven't got such a good school life, then our walk continued. We walked almost 2 hours, at last we cannot a find the road path. We asked one person from village regarding how to go back to our place. He guided us through forest, which was amazing place to walk. We took rest for a while in the forest, inhaling some fresh air. At last we reached the road(The name of the place is Forest Gate). We were waiting for the bus to get back to our place(Steven Church).

In the Bus stop, we asked one guy about the best tourist spot in Ooty with less number of people and more nature. He suggested places like Pykara, Botanical Garden etc. Then he said there is a place called Ullathi, which is 1 hour journey from here which is excellent location to view the whole ooty and also kerela.
We got a Ullathi bus and get into bus and asked for ullathi, the ticket cost around(rs4.50). We thought the place is nearby, the route and road towards Ullathi was very adventurous with so many steep slopes and bends. Whatever breakfast we had in the morning everything got digested since the route was very bad. Only bus can go through that route, even car can go but there is more chance of getting car Tyre puncture. At last, after one and half hour journey we reached Ullathi, it is the border for Ooty and next is Kerela border starts. We can able to see some excellent view and we spend just 5 minutes in ullathi. Since the next bus will be after 2 hours that's why we left in the same bus. The one more important thing is we cannot find a single shops(Snacks shop or any shop) in Ullathi. We have to buy everything from snacks to food before we go to Ullathi. The Ullathi is surrounded by So many Tea Estates and also it will drizzle almost half a day. Most of the tourist doesn't know about this place. It is one of the best location to relax and enjoy with nature.


Rose Garden-Ooty

>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

When I have heard of the name Rose Garden, I thought its botanical garden with some rare species will be there. Later I came to know that Rose garden is a place where we can see variety of roses in the world. It was Saturday after having lunch me and my friend decided to go to Rose garden. We started around 2 clock from our home(3 km from ooty) and we reached Rose Garden bus stop around 2.30 pm. We have to walk almost 1 km from Bus stop to rose garden and we started walking, on the way rain started and we found a building to hide from ourselves from rain. After 10 minutes we started walking towards rose garden. The cost of the ticket is rs 25 per adult and 15 for kids, since it is season time the cost is more.

When we entered into Rose garden, it is pleasant to watch different kinds of rose around me. It is hard to hard to see different kind and colors of roses in a single place. Every year during may month, the flower show will take place in garden. During that time you can see almost all the color roses. It will take almost 3 hours to see the whole place since that much variety and colors of roses can be seen there. Kindly come with camera to take more photos, you will have a wonderful time in rose garden if you visit during may month time(Flower show will take place during that time).


Pykara Falls-Ooty

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pykara falls is located on the Mysore road, it is around 18-20 km from ooty. I and my friend have planned to visit pykara falls because the photos of that places were displayed everywhere around ooty. It creates interest among me and my friend. We have planned to get up early in the morning thought of reaching early, but what happened was totally adjacent. We got by 11 am in the morning and had our breakfast and I was not in mood to go because I thought it was long from ooty. But my friend forced me a lot to start to pykara. At last we started from our place, we went to charing cross(Famous Shopping place) and planned to rent a bike. We went to the shop and asking him for rent around 12.30 pm, he asked what time will you return back and we said it will be around 6 or 7pm. He asked for license my friend had given his license, then he said the rate is rs.350 and we got shocked because one year back my friend rented bike for rs 100 for whole day. We both discussed for a while and decided to go by bus itself. We took a bus to ooty bus stop from chairing cross and once we reach ooty. We were waiting for bus to pyakara in ooty bus stop for long time and asked other bus conductor, he said the bus will stand outside , it wont come in. Again we out and searched for bus stop and finally we got the bus which was going to kudalur(50 km from ooty). It took around one hour thirty minutes to reach pykara falls. On the way to pykara there are excellent views and nature we have seen. We enjoyed a lot while we travel to pykara.

At last we got down in pykara by 2 pm in the afternoon. I started feeling hungry, there were number of shops nearby pykara. We asked one police about how to go to falls. He said the route and we went to one shop, had omlet and milakai bhajji. The omlet was good which is big in size but milakai bhajji was not good. After filling our stomach we started walking toward pykara, it looks too much crowded since it is season time. We walked almost 15 minutes to reach water falls. After seeing the falls me and my friend got irritated, there is only less water and more people(Almost 500), they made the place dirty by throwing plastics, paper etc. We thought of spending our time in nature but people made the place terrible by throwing papers. We came back soon after seeing these much crowd. Again while coming we asked police men, is there any other place to see. He told us about Pykara boat house so started walking towards boat house. The road looks so steep and we both felt hard to walk because most of them came by tourist car or mini bus or van. Once we reach boat house it was excellent to watch nature surrounds the lake. We had decided to go by boat but there also too much crowd. We went and asked in the ticket counter about the cost. He said for speed boat it cost rs 525 for 3 persons for 10 minutes. We decided to go by normal boat which cost rs 325 for 6 persons. At last other 4 people joined with us and we got ticket. We had a big queue waiting to get into boat. It took almost 30 minutes to get into boat because of heavy crowd. In that 20 minutes we had a good time spending our time with nature and inhaling some fresh air. We can able to see that the whole lake is covered by forest and we find some rare species of birds having wonderful time in the lake. The good thing about our trip is boating where we can able to spend our time with nature. It is better to visit ooty during September month and it is off season. Visit during off season and spend some good time with nature and stay young.


Botanical Garden-Ooty

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

When I was standing with my friend at the entrance of the Botanical Garden. My friend said lets go to botanical garden and see, even I said OK. The entrance fees cost rs 20 for adults and rs 10 for kids since its vacation time it cost more. During off season the cost will be very less. We went inside the botanical garden it was full greenish and very pleasant to see the nature. We had seen different variety of flowers wondered me this much variety of flowers. We can able to seen different kind of animals which was designed in grass. It is amazing to see each animal designed by grass. We started walking through garden and started enjoying the nature but too much of crowd irritated us, so we started walking towards the mountain where we cannot find more people. Towards the top we heard that more number of villages are there in botanical garden. We climbed almost to the top and taken rest for while and spend our time with nature and we came back down. It is one of the best place where you can live with nature, but April and may month is not the right time to visit. Maybe you can visit during other time where you can enjoy a lot.


Chairing Cross-Ooty

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

During April month, I was shifting myself to ooty since I got job here. I have booked ticket to ooty before a week itself because its a vacation time more people will be on vacation. When I got into the bus there are less people, I wondered and asked conductor. He said from mid of april to may end is the season time in ooty. I got into the bus and bus started from koyambedu at 7.30pm. I felt tired so I slept and got up in the morning we were in mettupalayam. I felt so hot and thought this is how ooty will be, but when we started climbing mountain towards ooty it was amazing. I was wondered by the greenish trees and chillness which I got when we climbed the mountain and also so many monkeys were playing on the road with their kids. It was good to watch how these animals share their love but we people dont have time to share our love to everyone.

I was asked to get down nearby Chairing cross since my office is located nearby. When I got down and was waiting for my HR Manager to pick me up. The chairing cross doesn't look like a place that suits the name, I can find only one hotel and few shops are there. So I went to office and started my work. In work I got a friend come colleague he took me to Chairing Cross. Wow! I wondered after seeing that place there are so many shops, coffee day, theaters. I went for shopping with my friend to buy money cap it costs more than what we thought. During season time we should not buy anything those shops. Ooty is also famous for home made chocolates which is too good. Me and my friend both had almost 500 gm while we walk to the home. I went to theater a day before I join, got the tickets in theater seen so many youngsters and family waiting to get into the theater. The cost of the ticket is rs.50, I thought theater will be good since we can see some educated people. When I was watching the movie I can smell cigarette smoke in the theater. I got irritated but what to do since I have paid money until the movie gets over I was in theater. Chairing cross is a place where you can get everything from food to dresses etc. I want people who visit ooty to visit Chairing cross, its a place for shopping.



>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gopichettypalayam is also called as gopi, located in erode district. Gopi is mainly famous for cultivation, lush green paddy fields is cultivated more in gopi. Pariyur and pachaimalai murugan temple is beautiful temple which attracts tourist. During weekends we can find more people on this temple, if we visit those temples it will keep our heart and mind relaxed. As a city guy I love that place a lot. It is totally contrasted to city life. Most of the cinema shooting will take place in gopi only because of the greenish surroundings.



Valparai is the one of the beautiful sceneric place in Tamilnadu. It is located 3500 m above sea level from the anaimalai mountain range. It is towns located 105km from Coimbatore.There are several waterfalls, dams, tea estate and coffee estate located in valparai. We can see lot of animals in this hills station. The climate is very pleasant during summer month, a trip to valparai will be unmemorable experience.



>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kotagiri is a small village which is located 28 km east of ooty . It is one of the oldest hill stations in Niligiris but not as famous as the other two, ooty and coonoor. The weather is more pleasant in kothagiri compared to other three of them. There are many lodges available in town. We can get lodges at affordable cost. Foods are too costly in kotagiri but it wont be so tasteful, it is one of the drawback.



To Taste the beauty of nature, Ooty is one of the best place for nature lovers. Ooty is also called as “Queen of Hill Stations”. It is located 104 kms fromba Coimbatore and 17 km from coonoor.
It is located at an altitude of 2,240 meters above mean sea level. The Term Nilgiris referred to as “Blue Mountain”. There are plenty of tourist spots available in ooty like Dottabetta, lakes, Dolphin Nose etc. The right time to visit ooty is from March to May during that time climate will be very good. Every year flower shows will take place in ooty during summer month. Great Place for nature lovers.


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