Botanical Garden-Ooty

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

When I was standing with my friend at the entrance of the Botanical Garden. My friend said lets go to botanical garden and see, even I said OK. The entrance fees cost rs 20 for adults and rs 10 for kids since its vacation time it cost more. During off season the cost will be very less. We went inside the botanical garden it was full greenish and very pleasant to see the nature. We had seen different variety of flowers wondered me this much variety of flowers. We can able to seen different kind of animals which was designed in grass. It is amazing to see each animal designed by grass. We started walking through garden and started enjoying the nature but too much of crowd irritated us, so we started walking towards the mountain where we cannot find more people. Towards the top we heard that more number of villages are there in botanical garden. We climbed almost to the top and taken rest for while and spend our time with nature and we came back down. It is one of the best place where you can live with nature, but April and may month is not the right time to visit. Maybe you can visit during other time where you can enjoy a lot.


Chairing Cross-Ooty

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

During April month, I was shifting myself to ooty since I got job here. I have booked ticket to ooty before a week itself because its a vacation time more people will be on vacation. When I got into the bus there are less people, I wondered and asked conductor. He said from mid of april to may end is the season time in ooty. I got into the bus and bus started from koyambedu at 7.30pm. I felt tired so I slept and got up in the morning we were in mettupalayam. I felt so hot and thought this is how ooty will be, but when we started climbing mountain towards ooty it was amazing. I was wondered by the greenish trees and chillness which I got when we climbed the mountain and also so many monkeys were playing on the road with their kids. It was good to watch how these animals share their love but we people dont have time to share our love to everyone.

I was asked to get down nearby Chairing cross since my office is located nearby. When I got down and was waiting for my HR Manager to pick me up. The chairing cross doesn't look like a place that suits the name, I can find only one hotel and few shops are there. So I went to office and started my work. In work I got a friend come colleague he took me to Chairing Cross. Wow! I wondered after seeing that place there are so many shops, coffee day, theaters. I went for shopping with my friend to buy money cap it costs more than what we thought. During season time we should not buy anything those shops. Ooty is also famous for home made chocolates which is too good. Me and my friend both had almost 500 gm while we walk to the home. I went to theater a day before I join, got the tickets in theater seen so many youngsters and family waiting to get into the theater. The cost of the ticket is rs.50, I thought theater will be good since we can see some educated people. When I was watching the movie I can smell cigarette smoke in the theater. I got irritated but what to do since I have paid money until the movie gets over I was in theater. Chairing cross is a place where you can get everything from food to dresses etc. I want people who visit ooty to visit Chairing cross, its a place for shopping.


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