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>> Friday, May 14, 2010

On Saturday(April 24th_10) morning me and friend got up late in the morning and thought planning to go out to Pyakara falls in Ooty. But we woke up little and Pyakara lake was little long from our place. At last we dropped the plan, then we had our breakfast. After finishing the breakfast, we decided to go for a walk from Steven church(3 km from Ooty). We started walking towards a way(we don't know where does the way goes). On the way we could be see some good cottages buildup in excellent location surrounded by nature. We walked almost for 2 kms and then we find Swiss Merit International School, only rich people can study in this school. People from the school were walking along the nature. We wondered that we haven't got such a good school life, then our walk continued. We walked almost 2 hours, at last we cannot a find the road path. We asked one person from village regarding how to go back to our place. He guided us through forest, which was amazing place to walk. We took rest for a while in the forest, inhaling some fresh air. At last we reached the road(The name of the place is Forest Gate). We were waiting for the bus to get back to our place(Steven Church).

In the Bus stop, we asked one guy about the best tourist spot in Ooty with less number of people and more nature. He suggested places like Pykara, Botanical Garden etc. Then he said there is a place called Ullathi, which is 1 hour journey from here which is excellent location to view the whole ooty and also kerela.
We got a Ullathi bus and get into bus and asked for ullathi, the ticket cost around(rs4.50). We thought the place is nearby, the route and road towards Ullathi was very adventurous with so many steep slopes and bends. Whatever breakfast we had in the morning everything got digested since the route was very bad. Only bus can go through that route, even car can go but there is more chance of getting car Tyre puncture. At last, after one and half hour journey we reached Ullathi, it is the border for Ooty and next is Kerela border starts. We can able to see some excellent view and we spend just 5 minutes in ullathi. Since the next bus will be after 2 hours that's why we left in the same bus. The one more important thing is we cannot find a single shops(Snacks shop or any shop) in Ullathi. We have to buy everything from snacks to food before we go to Ullathi. The Ullathi is surrounded by So many Tea Estates and also it will drizzle almost half a day. Most of the tourist doesn't know about this place. It is one of the best location to relax and enjoy with nature.


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